Love is an intrigue feeling which can be at one time sweet and bitter in a sudden flash of a moment-strange! Well, it really isn’t like that. What actually does happens is that you either let yourself so much open to an individual that there isn’t left anything to have with you, not even the sense of your own existence! That’s confusing-yeah, a bit seriously. Why there has to be a need of unending expectations from someone you like and really enjoy a company with? Why it can’t be left just like that? Isn’t there the intellect of your own, in a relationship that you always need to rely on the other person for everything that you wish?

And even if there is a near-perfect ‘love-thing’ between two individuals, sometimes it normally happens that due to some reason it ends up-tragically. That’s perhaps the hardest and toughest time to go through for anyone, whether it’s a girl or a boy. You can’t measure how a girl or a boy feels like when it gets over, can you?

But the point of curiosity is-why did you just let yourself so much into it? Was there a need for doing it all that time? In a matter, as deep as love, you need to have a sense of your own thoughts-whether they are causing any harm to your partner or not, in any way possible. More than that, the real and essential reason for your broken heart may be that, at times you just want to get flown away with it, without caring about the repercussions.

It wouldn’t prove to be the best of the remedies but if tried, it can be the most beneficial one for you in the crisis of your ‘love saga’. Stop being a person who gets impatient and over-exaggerative, almost anytime. Do you also follow the same pattern? Just don’t do it-it’s for your own sake. Secondly, you don’t have to be depended on someone who is known to you only for a couple of months, years or a bit more years. It can’t be like he or she understands you each time you expect him or her to do that. What if the other person doesn’t even care about your feelings in the same way as you do, yourself? Improvise your thoughts for a considerable change that can bring the utmost happiness to you in every condition, no matter what. The next time you fall in love, either don’t love or if you do, never be blind. Don’t force yourself to break, again-remember that.


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