How long has it been since you have been out on a vacation? I know it is hard in today’s life to take out time and enjoy but sometimes it becomes necessary. We end up getting frustrated since we don’t have fun and get to enjoy much.

But whenever we think about vacation only beaches and hill stations comes to our mind. BORING! We always visit such places and take such trips. You need to bring in a new change that will excite you.

Read ahead to know what kind of trips are there that you can definitely enjoy.

1. Solo trip

solo trip

Choose a destination which is safe and secure and yet out of your comfort zone. Travel to that place all alone. You will experience a new rush of excitement and confidence.

2. Digital detox trip


We all need this seriously. Detach yourself with your phone, laptop, and television and just get going. This will be your most stress-free and most definitely one of the best trips.

3. Last-minute flight


Just fly away from all the workload and relax for a few days. If you are a spontaneous person then it’s good since you can select a destination and book a last minute flight and just travel there.

4. Snorkel trip


If you love to experience the underwater world then this is your kinda trip. Get your scuba license at home and then go to the best diving spot in this world and have fun. Take some of your friends as well.

5. Homestay trip


Take a trip to another town where any of your relative or friend lives at. It would be good if that place is all an all different. You can experience the local’s life.

6. A Wine tasting trip


This sounds fun. You can go on this kind of trip with your family and friends and I can bet that you would love every minute of this trip.

7. A volunteer trip


Do something valuable and productive while you are on your trip. This will help you in building strong bonds and relationships.

8. A road trip

road trip

My kinda trip! You get to enjoy the wind, beautiful sceneries, serene beauty and the road itself. The fast pace of your vehicle brings in a new kick which just doubles the fun.

9. Ancestry trip


Have you ever been to your hometown? Do you know where you are from and what was your ancestor’s life like? If no then this is a much-needed trip for you. You can ask your elders to guide you around.

10. A long-distance trek


If you love to go on trekking trips then you must take a trip to satisfy your trek hunger. It will release you from all the stress and tension.

11. A staycation


It’s kind of an interesting one. You just need to forget all your daily routine for a while and stay at home and maybe read a good book. Just waste your time in your bedroom doing nothing.

12. A river cruise

river cruise

Take a river cruise and this will help you in meeting new people and befriend them. You also get to visit the unknown places of the world.

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