No one can return us our childhood but we want as it was the golden days of our lives. We used to have different kind of fun unlike today and that was so refreshing. Sitting in solitude, our minds still live in the past where innocence, simplicity and small things made us jovial.

Everything, fun, and joy have changed for today’s kids. Those playground games have changed into mobile phone games. We used to live in the area with unknowing casualties and still love those time. So, here are few things that can give you a stroke of nostalgia.

1. Window Shopping


Unlike today, there were not many shopping malls and whenever new shopping mall opened, we forced our parents to take us there but only for window shopping.

2. Landline Phone Talks


There were no mobile phones in our childhood. So, the only option was the landline phone with the restrictive time period of chatting.

3. Cycling


Whether it was cycling competition or coming back to home on cycle, those memories will never come back.

4. Phantom Cigarettes


The thing that helped us to behave and feel like an adult was smoking phantom cigarettes.

5. Water Tattoos 


We used to buy few chocolate, wafers, biscuits just for those water tattoos.

6. Trump Cards


Playing with those Trump cards of cricketers and WWF was one of the most memorable days of our childhood.

7. Comic Book Craze


Comic books were the craze of childhood days. We used to buy comic books with our savings.

8. Snake-Ladder Game


The favorite past time of everyone’s childhood. Everyone has the memory of playing Snake-Ladder Game.

9. Cyber Cafe


There were no social media sites in those days and also for our limited internet use, we used to go cyber cafe.

Our childhood was different from the childhood of today’s kids and that’s the reason why we miss those days so much.


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