Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

There is a new Wonder Woman who has arrived and she is the ‘sister’ of our very own Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot! Yes, and its true-but not completely. As you all know that there are always fans who show their love for their beloved stars, but some go even beyond that and what happens is absolutely astonishing.

A youtuber girl, named Tabbitha, who is a fan of Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman, has come into limelight since she posted her cosplay as Amazon’s Princess Diana and you won’t believe by her looks and appearance to recognize her actual identity.

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See for yourself, the Wonder Woman cosplay image posted by Alyson Tabbitha, on her Twitter profile.

The breakout image above has swayed all the fans across the social media and everyone is amazed by her almost-similar appearance as ‘Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman avatar’. The body and expressions are all matching just perfectly and a normal person would get confused when looking at Tabbitha’s version of Wonder Woman. And Tabbitha did the makeup on her own!

It seems that even Gal Gadot would be surprised to see her newest ‘twin’ sister from Amazon! Well, jokes apart.


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