Pre-wedding photoshoot? Yes!
Theme: Food? Why Not?
So Let’s have a look!
A wedding is a special event in the life of people and they go through all the best way to make it memorable for them. Wheather it is wowed themes or stunning designer clothes or destination wedding with picturesque.
However, what left in the end when all your functions have finished? Photos? Yes, the beautiful photos that one treasures for marriage. And, the very popular trend of pre-wedding shoot adds more precious memories to this treasures.
Harinder Singh Pelia and Ritika Mehta, a couple is hitting the internet for all right reasons of pre-wedding photoshoot theme. As, they tried hard not to eat oily, desserts and yummy junk foods but decided it was enough!
This Delhi-based couple revisited most of the eateries and shops, where they had once gone out on dates or enjoyed a special and memorable meal.

So, scroll down to see the most happening food theme pre-wedding photoshoot pictures:

Groom Pelia in an email interview with indianexpress.com told,“Like every other couple, the girl wanted to have conventional pre-wedding in pretty gowns and the guy was trying to avoid it like the plague. I work as a brand manager, so creativity is the centre-piece of my work. I wanted to do something fun, creative and which brings out the romance between us without making it a cringe-fest for the viewer.”

“Food has always been pivotal in our relationship. So it was as real as it gets. Lots of people pretend to be someone else in their wedding pictures. We didn’t want to pretend and hence went ahead with this, ” the 27-year-old groom added.
The couple is all set to tie a knot on November 4, 2018.

“It’s easy to body shame people and make them starve to fit into some lehenga/sherwani which is going to sit in the cupboard for the rest of our lives. But we wanted to just do what we love, make ourselves happy, share the love with people and make them smile too,” said Pelia.

“We also wanted to make a larger point that couple shouldn’t miss out on the fun they have, in the midst of the madness of Indian weddings. Remember what got you together and have a blast during the run-up to the most important day of your lives,” he highlighted.

While, he about his wife-to-be or college sweetheart, said, “In many ways, Ritika wanted brides to know that no girl should be told to go easy on the fries. The bride should have what she wants, with the man she loves, in the most special phase of her life.”
Regan from Picsurely, said: “When most couples want a picture perfect shoot, these two wanted something which shows their real character. Harinder and Ritika are a big foodie. So they came up with an idea to do a shoot with their love for food and the connection they share with each other when they are themselves.”

Sharing the overall experience, the team member said, “We always try to capture the mood of the couple in all the shoots that we do. Whatever the theme we select, we try to deep dive into the character of the couple and try to show it in the photos.”

They urge other would-be bride and grooms to go with what makes them happy with a note: “Weddings can be stressful, don’t miss out on having fun during your wedding month. And yes, don’t miss out on fighting over the last slice of pizza!”

All Image Courtesy: Picsurely 


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