My story is dedicated to my readers who are currently enjoying the status of being SINGLE. They are very happy but the others who are seeing them Happy Single gets jealous of them and try to lower their confidence down by asking questions like Why Are You Still Single?

Are Not You Getting Anyone? But, you end up in saying nothing most of the time. Why people? So, from now stop being silent on such questions and give it them back with below mention answers.

These Are The 10 Best Responses To Give When You Are Asked ‘Why Are You Single’?:

1. I can ruin my life by myself


I don’t need anybody to ruin my life. I am myself enough time do it.

2. I can’t share my food


I am food and I don’t want to share my plate with anyone. So, it’s better to be single.

3. I hate explaining things everytime


Where are you going? Why are you going? I don’t like explaining and answering such questions.

4. I am saving my romantic talks for future


I don’t want to already experience those endless romantic talks.

5. My priorities are different


I don’t see myself end up in anyone’s girlfriend or wife. My priorities are you enjoy every bit of life.

6. Single is happy

I can go anywhere, can flirt, can do such things which I can’t once landed up in relationship.

7. I don’t like waxing

I hate waxing, so I am single. Funny, no?

8. More possibility to get succeeded in life

Being single, we can more focus on our work and hence get more success in life without bearing any baggage.

9. I love my friends

Once you come in the relationship, the battle to chose friends or lover gets started. So, I to avoid such battle want to be single.

10. I love myself more

Yeah, I love myself and my all love is for me. I don’t want to share it with someone.
So, the next time someone ask you, why are you single? Revert them with one of these super answers that can shut their mouth.


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