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There are times when a ‘constant unwanted repetition’ makes one feel like the world is the same, bitter dish, with no taste! And in the current time, the most exact scenario can be been seen in the relationships among teenagers, especially the ones who get promoted to the college stage!

And yes, today’s Valentine’s Day too, right? OK. Keeping quiet (for some), read further.

As I said above, many unwanted and similar experiences have made the teens, and most importantly the girls think of all the boys in the same manner (as a trend)-that they are all bad and disrespectful, and unworthy for them, in more than one way!

Yes, it’s true that many cases have shown the girls getting heartbreaks and pain in a relationship where they’ve found themselves being cheated by ‘the’ boys.

The current conception of all the (teenage and adult) girls is that most of the boys they meet in their daily lives, turn out to be either cheaters or ‘players’ (Casanova, more specifically). They have made this un-clarified thinking in their minds that ‘no boy is different from the other’ and there’s nothing good for which they can trust them-wholly and completely!

But there’s always the other side of the coin too, and you have to look at it the way it is-with a clear and sorted vision.

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There are also ‘those’ boys who always want to have a real, bonding female partner and continuously dream of having one! They are the ones who have all the qualities of being a trustworthy, bonding, caring and most importantly, a true friend! Though, their personalities may not correspond with what they are underneath!

But the same girls who get cheated or betrayed by a ‘player’, think of ‘those other boys’ as being ‘not hot enough’ or ‘not hot at all’ and ‘unwanted’-or even negligible!

So, how can they be so sure of their ‘own-created conception’ that each boy they meet will always turn out to be a moron?

And on the other hand, those ‘unwanted decent guys’ who keep questioning themselves, “What’s wrong in me?”, get left out in their sad zones-really painful from their perspective.

So, all the girls, think before you ignore that ‘unwanted boy’ for a ‘player’. May be, he’s just there behind you! May be, he’s your best friend!

Because, a friend with a bond, thousand times more stronger than ‘a momentary love simulation’ will never leave you. Remember this, for life.

Good things always come once.


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