There are some foods that we love to eat and like to see in our store every time. But due to the busy life, daily purchasing is surely not possible. It raises a query, is there any means to keep our favorite eatable for a long time?

Yes, with some easy peasy ways these food items can be stored for a longer time than you could ever think!

1. Cheese

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Wrap cheese with parchment paper and keep it in ceramic or a glass bowl, by this way cheese stays safe and run longer.

2. Apricots

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Apricots can be kept in a compartment for longer duration i.e. use parchment paper, a container with compartments and an egg tray to store it.

3. Grapes

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The smartest way to keep the grapes safe is to hang them with rope in a dry, cool, dark, and airy room.

4. Ginger

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We use this ingredient almost in every food. So, Ginger is the important thing to keep safe for the longest time. Dry it a bit in the sun, then wrap it in parchment paper and place it in a dark cool place. Another way is to soak it in boiled water and put it in the fridge.

5. Meat

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To store meat, you have to put nettle leaves around it (horseradish, wormwood, or nut wood leaves will also do the same), wrap it in a cloth soaked in vinegar, and place it in a pan or wooden box.

6. Spring Onions

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Cut the spring onions into small pieces and put in plastic bottle or container. Dry them a little bit before putting into the freezer. If you do it right, you can store them until winter.

7. Tomatoes

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Ripe tomatoes should be stored at room temperature with their stalks looking up, preferably without the tomatoes touching each other.

8. Fish

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The correct process of keeping your fish fresh and long after it is caught. You just have to keep it in an ice box. So, that it can survive for 2-3 days.

9. Watermelon

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Our most favorite summer fruit watermelon which can be a good substitute for water on a hot day needs to be protected for a longer time in our house. So, to keep them fresh for some more time wrap it in the piece of cloth and hang it in dark place.

10. Apple

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“An apple a day keeps a doctor away” but, it is not possible to go and buy apple every day from the market. So, it is needed to store it, for that carefully wrap the apple(after removing wax) in paper or vellum and store it away from the light.


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