Heartbreaks are meant for everyone. Everybody goes through this breaking of heart at least once in their life and this is the time when they need solace for their heart. And what is better than music! When lover starts losing their heart after break up, they understand the lyrics of the song like never before. So, for them, we have 10 best Coke Studio songs.

These are The 10 Coke Studio Songs That Are Made For Listening At The Heart Break Time:

#1 Nindiya Re

After the heartbreak, the song of Kaavish Nindiya Re will take you to the world of dreams to renew your pure soul.

#2 Husna

Hitesh Sonik and Piyush Mishra’s song Husna describes all your feelings from being a lover to see the relation of India nd Pakistan.

#3 Badri Badariya

The song of Amit Trivedi, Mili Nair, and Mame Khan with the lyrics of Badri i.e., rain is motivating the broken lovers.

#4 Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Kro

Before listening to this song prepare yourself to see crying. The voice of Farida Khanum will shake from your soul.

#5 Baanware

Shuja Haider and Aima Baig’s voice perfectly describes the heartbreak of a lover.

#6 Yo Soch

After the much painful breakup, one needs to be relieved and the song in voice of Ali Zafar and Natasha Khan do the same.

#7 Ghoom Tana

Momina Mustehsana and Irteassh’s try to heal your broken heart.

#8 Tera Woh Pyar

Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar sang this song and it will work to calm your irresistible heart after a heartbreak.

#9 Shamaan Pai Gaiyaan

Kashif Ali and Rachael Viccaji’s voice will tug at your heart.

#10 Sawan Mein

Though the song gives you the feeling of anxiety and sadness still the song is a beautiful composition.

These 10 songs of Coke Studio are made to heal your broken heart.


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