It is said that Zodiac Signs highly influence our lives. Because of Zodiac Signs every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. Every Zodiac Sign has its own characteristics which affect a person’s actions and behavior.

Similarly getting intimate is a very important part of a couple’s life and Zodiac Signs influences that as well. Your partner’s Zodiac Sign defines their sexual desires. That’s why we have brought you the different kinds of love-making each Zodiac Sign desires.

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1. Capricorn: Love warmth

Capricorn’s are pretty creative but are also shy and private kind. They will only explore a fantasy if they feel comfortable with it otherwise it’s good to not push them.

2. Sagittarius: Social in bed

They are very social in bed also. They enjoy the attention and would love to have a third party in the room. They might also say yes to a thr**some.

3. Scorpio: Dominant and secretive

Scorpios are generally the dominant types. They like to take the charge in bed and also like it rough. So it’s good to tell them about how you prefer it beforehand.

4. Libra: The butt lovers

People with Libra sign are the ones who take the back road. They hate to look in the eyes of their partner while having s*x. That’s why they prefer to take them from the back.

5. Virgo: Kinky

Virgos are submissive types and also likes humiliation in bed. They like it when their partner takes the charge in bed. But you shouldn’t try anything with them without their consent.

6. Leo: The public types

Leo likes to enjoy the attention. They prefer crowded tourist places instead of a silent bedroom.

7. Cancer: Loves role play

People with cancer sun sign are often very creative and loves role play. They are pretty good learners and love to experiment. Also, they are quick in switching roles.

8. Gemini: Loves foreplay

Gemini loves forepl*y. They are fast learners and enjoy intense forepl*ay sessions before sex. They are always up for new things so you can experiment and experience new things with them.

9. Taurus: Nature lovers

Taurus are nature lovers. So take them out in a forest or a beautiful landscape for a love-making session and they will surprise you. Compliments are a big turn on for them.

10. Aries: Out and fun

Aries like the rush of adrenaline while getting intimate. They love the feeling of getting caught red-handed. That’s why they like public places instead of boring normal routines.

11. Pisces: Safe side

Pisces are very simple sun sign. They like it simple and safe both physically and emotionally. They like it rough but they also like it simple. So any kind of harshness is a big turn off for them.

12. Aquarius: Fun loving

People with Aquarius sun sign are fun loving and passionate. They love to experiment and try new things in bed. They would love to have some play toys in the room.

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