India is a place where you can find nature’s beauty in South, beautiful deserts in West, hilly areas in North, magnificent touch of nature in East. It’s a land of rich cultural heritage also. Though today the country is democratic it saw the many rulers and emperors who ruined the country and also many rulers and emperors who built many historical monuments which are now the pride of India. This land is picturesque that is such beauty in every nook and corner. So, we are giving you to names of some places of the country that talk of the various cultures of India.

So, here’s have a look at the Historical Pride Of India:

#1 Mysore palace


The beautiful palace has a golden palanquin that hosts royal weddings and attracts tourists throughout the year.

#2 Red Fort


Mughal ruler Shah Jahan built this monument and from where Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the tricolor flag in the fort after Independence.

#3 Hawa Mahal


Pink City Jaipur’s monument looks like a beehive. It has 953 windows and also known as the ‘palace of wheels’.

#4 Charminar


It’s a mosque and was constructed in 1591. By the archaeological survey of India, this monument was listed as the ‘architectural treasure’.

#5 Lotus temple


This Delhi’s monument has won many architectural awards for its magnificent structure. This has 27 marble in the form of petals of the lotus flower.

#6 Taj Mahal


The pride of India and one of the wonders of the world was built by great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in remembrance of his beloved wife Mumtaz which took 16 years to be built.

#7 Humayun’s tomb


The Humayun’s tomb was the inspiration for Taj. It was built by the wife of Humayun in the 15th century.

#8 Khajuraho temple


Madhya Pradesh’s monument is basically a temple with Kamasutra sculptures on the walls of the temple. It is well known for the erotic nature sculptures.

#9 Hampi


Hampi has the remains of many temples and palaces that remain beautiful even till today as it was captured by many Muslim invaders ruining the city from destruction.

#10 The Golden Temple, Amritsar


The Golden temple is the most scared gurudwara for all Sikhs.

#11 Ajanta and Ellora Caves


These caves are carved into hillside rock in the middle of nowhere in Maharashtra. It’s a notable mix of Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain religions.

The splendid beauty and the historical importance of these monuments will surely attract you. So, pack your bags and head to these monuments.


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