Let’s applause the generous move of the diamond merchant who became the father of Fatherless Brides.

This Sunday, about hundreds of Indian girls, dressed up in colorful attire of bride and the occasion was called ‘mass wedding’ of around 251 brides who were fatherless. This mass wedding ceremony was funded and organized by the Indian business tycoon and diamond merchant Mahesh Savani.


In the wedding ceremony, 251 couples tied the knot and among 251 there were five Muslim couples and one Christian couple too. The wedding of Muslim couple and Christian couple were conducted according to their traditions.

Mentionable is, in this ceremony, two HIV positive women also tied the knot.


The generous diamond trader considers it as a social responsibility to help those women get married who do not have fathers and who can’t bear the expenses of their wedding rituals. He said, “I have taken the responsibility as their father”.

Savani met his responsibilities and performed all the rituals like ‘Kanyadaan’ which a father does.


This is not the first time he did something like this, Savani every year organize the wedding of girls and thousands of people witness the ‘mass wedding’.

Savani and his trust as a wedding gift gave presents like sofa, beds, and other household items for the purpose to help these brides start their married life with ease. The organizers consider it an act of charity and therefore the cost of this grand ceremony is not disclosed.

The generous move of diamond trader Mahesh Savani has won everyone’s heart.


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