The country has been progressing very rapidly. The government has dealt to bring Bullet Train in the country. Bullet trains in the country where every day we hear the news of train accidents, train derailments, train failure and incidents related to train. The news of these accidents has become common to hear. But what gathered our attention is the courage and intelligence of a boy who saved the lives of many from a train accident.

A 12-year-boy, student of class 5 from Bihar saved the lives of hundreds of passengers by making a train stop. His effort and intelligence stopped the train before it could cross over a broken railway track.


Who’s the boy:

This 12-year-old boy name is Bhim Yadav who studies in class 5 in a government school at Mangalpur, Bihar. The boy was passing across the railway track where the broken railway track on the Gorakhpur-Narkatiaganj railway line drawn his attention.

The driver was unaware of the broken rail tracks and the train was on its way. Bhim who was wearing a red shirt took off his shirt and waved it to grab the driver’s attention. Bhim’s persistence forced the driver to push the emergency breaks.


Reward for the little savior:

Local administrator Harendra Jha and his fellow officials decided to award him. He told to Gulf News, “The reward could be in the form of cash or citation. We are still deciding on it, but one thing is sure, he is going to be rewarded.” 

Also, the officer of Eastern Central Railways lauded Bhim’s courage said, “We really are proud of this boy and salute his bravery.”


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