Like any other country, India is crazy for beers as well and this is the reason why Bear Industries are blooming in India. At this point in time, there are many beer brands in India including Taj Mahal Indian Lager, Kalyani, Tiger, Lion, Cobra, Haywards, Knock Out, Zingaro and many more. But do you know which beer brands are topping in the country? If you are a beer lover and don’t know the top beer brands in India then this story is for you.

So, Let’s know the popular beer brands of India:

1. Haywards

Haywards was launched in 1974 with Haywards 2000 mild beers. Then comes the very popular Haywards 5000 which hit the market back in the year 1978 and it contains 7% alcohol. British Sir Anthony Hayward founded Haywards.

2. Knock Out

It was launched in the year 1984 and is popular in Karnataka, Telangana, and Maharashtra mostly. The brand serves beer with purpose is to “celebrate strong men who display a strong character”. It contains 8% alcohol.

3. Kalyani Black Label

The oldest and one of the best was launched in the year 1969. The beer is popular in eastern India as well as Delhi. It contains 7.8% alcohol.

4. Kingfisher 

Kingfisher is India’s most recognized brand. It was launched in India in 1978 and has a huge market share of about 40%. It contains 8% alcohol. Its Kingfisher Premium has 4.8% alcohol.

5. Kings

This beer is only sold in the state Goa. So, beaches of Goa with Kings in hands is the best combo. It contains 4.85% alcohol with a light taste and smoky aroma.

6. Bira 91

Unlike the mainstream bear, Bira 91 is launched in 2015 and took the urban by storm. It has been becoming favorites of Beer lovers.

7. Royal Challenge

Launched in 1993 with 5% content of alcohol in it. It has a rich taste but not flavorsome as Kalyani Black Label.

8. Godfather 

Devans Modern Breweries Limited’s brand Godfather is a fastest growing beer brand in India which comes in three varieties — Strong (7.5% alcohol content), Lager (5% alcohol content) and Lite (4.5% alcohol content).


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