Have you ever wondered that whether ghosts are real or not? But if you like to have paranormal experiences in life and you feel like you aren’t scared of ghosts at all then these highways are a must visit for you. 

The stories of a woman in white saree and candle in hand, roaming on an empty road doesn’t scare us at all now. Because we know that this story, in particular, is an utter lie. But have you ever thought that maybe there is some truth to this story? After all, there must be a reason as to why such a story is formed.  

But for now, we have brought you the list of such highways which will excite those who love adventures and will scare the people with weak heart. Have a look.

1. Marve and Madh Island Road, Mumbai


This road looks like any other normal road but it’s not that normal. It is said that once a newlywed couple was driving down the road. The husband sped the car towards a truck and jumped out of it. The wife died in that fatal accident. It is said that ever since then the wife has been roaming around in this road in her bridal wear.

2. Blue Cross Road, Chennai


This is said to be one of the most haunted places even during daytime. The road is covered with thick trees and that’s why there is no or very less sunlight on the road. It gives the road a haunted feel and along with that, some travelers have claimed that they have seen a mutilated human body roaming around in the streets.

3. Kashedi Ghat, Mumbai-Goa Highway


This Ghat has some terrifying stories connected to it. People claim that a flesh-eating witch roams in this ghat. It is adviced that do not keep any non-veg food while traveling this road. People claimed that their cars have suddenly come to a halt and all their non-veg food was finished magically. People have also come out of their cars with scratches in their bodies.

4. Igorchem road, Goa


This road is said to be haunted by many evil spirits and people say that if you go there between 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. then you are at a risk of being possessed.

5. Sathyamangalam NH-209, Tamil Nadu


It is believed that the ghost of Veerappan roams in this road. Well, that is the type of ghost we do not wish to cross paths with. 

6. Jamshedpur NH-33


This is a road that we all have heard stories about. The road is said to have some evil spirits that cause fatal accidents. While the police believe that the accidents are caused due to blind turns and narrow paths. There is also a temple in this road where passersby generally stop and pray for their safety.

7. Eastern Express Highway, Thane


This highway has an interesting story saying that a ghost roams the road with his arms outstretched. It is believed that whosoever crossess the road loses his head. 

8. Kasara Ghat, Mumbai-Nashik Highway


This place has a lot of evil spirits as it was once a dumping area of murder victims. People say that they have seen a headless woman sitting on a tree and hysterical laughter during the night.

9. Delhi Cantonment road


It is said that a woman in white asks for a lift on this road. But it is adviced that you should never stop your car no matter what and in fact you should even speed your car up. 

10. Johnson and Johnson road, Mulund, Maharastra


This is an accident-prone road. But surprisingly all the victims have woken up with no memory of an accident. All they say is that someone came in front of their car and they were trying to save her.  

So, all those who are looking for some paranormal fun can visit these haunted roads. 

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