Image Credit: GQ Magazine

Actress Amber Heard has been named the Woman of the Year by GQ Australia magazine! And she is sizzling on the cover of the magazine, being sexy enough to make every eyeball stay in her awe. The Overdrive and Justice League actress is seen wearing a black bustier.

Heard was awarded the prestigious honor at Sidney, on Wednesday.

The interesting thing was that Amber Heard was previously prosecuted for illegally bringing dogs to Australia, and while accepting her award, saying, ‘on my behalf of my dogs’, she kind of acknowledged them-in a funny way.

“I was on the plane [to Sydney] and the pilot came on the speaker… and said, by the way, we just got news that the vote came in… and the whole plane erupted in this chorus of applause”.

Image Credit: Getty Images for GQ Magazine

During the awards ceremony, Heard wore a barely there black LBD (little black dress), which became the center of attraction for many.


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