Hello guys! Do you ever feel low after watching movie? Do you ever be emotional or your soul is curling up in the fetal position? This is what happens when we see something so cute and romantic.

Similarly, I just watched the cutest short film ever.Well, i think I must say cutest short film of all the time.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali’s 15-year-old daughter, Ida Ali, who is the only child in glamour world managed to keep herself from media but this masterpiece of her manages to capture the delicate intricacies of young relationships that somewhere made her the best in what she does.

Watch the video here:


Imtiaz shared the short film late on Facebook. “Title: Lift. Duration: 12 mins. Written & Directed by Ida Ali. Hope you like it,” he wrote. Have a look

Imtiaz talking about filmmaking said,  “When making a movie, you try to do your best, you write your best, you try to make it as natural and fun. But one thing I have realized is that if you put artificiality in a film and try to make it spicy for that moment, those things start looking very redundant very soon. Keeping it pure is very essential in order for it to be remembered.”

Well, it seems Ida will soon step into her father’s shoes! What do you think? Don’t forget to mention in the comment below!

Thanks for reading and have a happy sharing!


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