Relationships work with the collective efforts of both the people involved in it. One person alone cannot make a relationship work. Both of them need to do things that can make it going for long.

Girls are very sensitive when it comes to love, relationship, and emotions. Guys, on the other hand, do not take all these things very seriously. There are certain things that can tick off a girl very easily.

Take a note of all these things!

1. Never ignore her talks

No matter what she is talking about, you never ignore her otherwise she will start ignoring your existence.

2. Never ignore emotional attachment

You should never hold back from emotional attachments. This makes a girl unwanted and insecure in a relationship.

3. Stop manipulating her

Manipulative guys and sensitive girls is not a very healthy combination, trust me. Girls hate it when someone dictates them to do things.

4. Do not forget to appreciate her

If she is making extra efforts for you then notice that and appreciate her. She is doing it for you and you ignoring that isn’t helping your case.

5. Learn to say sorry

Make sure that you accept your mistakes and say sorry and even if it isn’t your fault, you will have to say sorry because girls hardly apologize.

6. Never forget to thank her

Thank her for everything she does. If you can’t say it by words then express it by your actions.

7. Never keep your room untidy

Untidiness makes a woman cringe. She hates it when things are messy and not in place.

8. Treat her important

Take her out on relaxing dates or chilling long drives. Help her relax and chill. Show her love and care for her.

9. Say ‘I LOVE YOU’ whenever you get the chance

Never miss an opportunity to express your love for her. These three simple words ‘I LOVE YOU’ can brighten her face instantly.

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