Wanna Chai?

Of course, we Indian anytime, anywhere and in any season can enjoy the Garma-garam-masala-chai!

India, the land of diverse culture and food is very popular for its special kind of drink. From East to West, from North to South almost every individual seeks a glass full of love in the form of “CHAI”. And, this the drink that also helps to take swears.


India’s democratic national drink has made its name worldwide. Yes! No big surprise a Canadian couple went gaga for the mysterious elixir. To such an extent that they started offering crisply mix Masala Chai in Toronto!


It’s very interesting that Eamon and Rebecca, a couple from Canada, first tasted the tea, not in India or some other Asian nation, but rather Australia.

When they are working in Australia they met George Manousakis. George claims a bistro in Melbourne and had concocted a splendid Masala Chai formula following 11 years of experimentation.


The couple at that point chose to go to Asian nations where chai is a noticeable drink. They went the world over and chose to open a chai shop in Toronto, which they named Chaiwala Chai.

They likewise pitch distinctive varieties of chai to a couple of bistros crosswise over Canada. What’s more, their online rundown of things incorporates Rooibos Masala Chai, Original Masala Chai, and Chaiwala starter unit.


And, the folk has much more: The chai lover couple also has their own YouTube channel only dedicated to chai.

Have you ever seen this kind of lover?


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