Girls are complicated creatures. They are all over the place and sometimes it hard to understand them. But probably that’s their beauty. However being complicated and being a total idiot are two different things.

You heard me right. Every girl suffers a lot of things in her life like relationship, breakups, periods, friendship issues, fights, crush problems and what not. And all these things tend to turn you a little senile. At the end, we do things that make us a total idiot in front of everyone.

So have a look and see what are these things that you must stop doing this instant.

1. Stop trying to be perfect always

You are not meant to be perfect, you are just meant to be happy. So stop trying to be perfect all the time and appreciate your imperfection at times.

2. Stop trying to please everyone

It’s true! No matter how much efforts you have put into it, you won’t be able to impress everyone. So instead of trying for it just let it go and have fun.

3. Stop following others

You don’t have to be like anyone. Instead of copying or following someone make your own separate identity.

4. Stop wearing heels all the time

I know high heels are a girl’s best friend. But why wear something that is painful and hard to walk in? Sometimes you are allowed to exchange your sky-high heels with simple sneakers.

5. Get rid of your bitchy friends

If things aren’t going well in your life. Then that means you have a mole in your girl gang. Find that bitch and get rid of her. Things will definitely turn better.

6. Get rid of your not-so satisfying job

What if you are giving your 100% in your job? What if your work isn’t appreciated? What if you are not getting what you deserve in your workplace? If things aren’t well and good in your job then quit that job. Sometimes taking an easy path is more important than fighting for things.

7. Stop counting calories

Why do we always have to be conscious about our weight? A brownie with hot chocolate or a cheese pizza or maybe fries and some coke doesn’t sound that bad.

8. Stop avoiding topics like sex and periods

We have always been taught that sex and periods are taboo and we shouldn’t be talking about it. Nonsense! You must discuss such things with your family and friends.


It isn’t healthy to stalk someone. You will probably see that he has moved on long back and is leading a happy life with someone else and you will end up with a broken heart. So stop stalking.

10. Stop pouting

You can have a genuine smile. Smiling isn’t that bad and trust me smiles are better than a pout. All you have to do is smile with your heart. Show off your million-dollar smile.

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