Hugh Jackman played the role of his life, in Logan

Logan, the 20th Century Fox/Marvel film which was released this year, earlier in March, has gained a new height as far as the superhero genre is concerned and more importantly, the filmmaking is concerned. But as it was the last appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, the on-screen Logan himself, the farewell film became even more emotional for the die-hard Wolverine fans, and even for the actor himself, who didn’t think of it to become such a massive critical as well as, commercial success.

And recently, talking about the film and his role, Jackman told:

“I know Aussies are not known for leaving the party at the right time but (after) 17 years, it’s time to leave the party,” the Wolverine actor said.

Being the last outing as the clawed mutant, it was a big risk to take, as Jackman said, “This was not a given moneymaker. People considered this to be the biggest risk, the most foolish risk ever taken, and I think people assume you’re just doing a sequel because it’s a moneymaker, but my experience from being within it is that it’s always felt like a risk and I think that’s to be embraced.”

A still from the film

Continuing further, Jackman told about the intensity of his Logan role, and how the violence impacted the story. “This is a man whose life is centered on violence. It seemed very difficult thematically, not just in terms of graphic violence but the consequences of violence, it seemed impossible to make that as a PG-13 movie and really get into the thematic of that and on a serious level.”

Later, he also told about how he felt to know that, beside being the critics’ favourite film, Logan has also been pushed for next year’s Oscars!

“It’s a great time for us as actors or creators of stories,” Jackman said. “I’m thrilled that the Academy (of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, voters of the Oscars) is seeing that there are less boundaries in a way of what makes a really good film, and the genre shouldn’t dictate that.”


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