Kanyakumari Tiruvalluvar @ Sunset, Courtesy: www.caleidoscope.in

Tamilnadu literally means “Tamil Country or Land of Tamils” from the local language Tamil (actually pronounced Tami’zh’), the ‘zh’ sound is very much the only language which has it. The language which uses Tamizh as the root language also makes use of the same sound, one such language is Malayalam.

In order to fully understand its root and culture and especially its people, these are the top 10 places to visit to get enriched with Tamil heritage. The list is very subjective though in no particular order.

Ready to delve into Tamilnadu? Have a look.

Marina Beach


Having one of the longest coastlines in the world, gives itself a huge flocking of visitors minimum of the order of 30,000 people wanting to drench in the soft sand and salty water. Chennai is synonymous to Marina and Marina is synonymous to Chennai, the state capital. The vast myriad of people and culture amalgamate in Marina shores, making it a real unique hub.

Kanyakumari Sunset

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One of the most beautiful things you will ever see from the natural world. The place at which the sun set in the natural gorge in the water is a sight to behold.

Tanjore Temple

Courtesy: DJI

It is one of the oldest temples in the world having recently completed 1000 years of its existence. The minute arts and Himalayan architecture with so many intricacies says a lot about Raja Raja Chola, the King. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Rameshwaram Pamban Rail Travel

Courtesy: www.amazingindiablog.in

One of the most scenic beauties closer to the mysterious Palk Strait, is a must one on the bucket list when you decide to plunge in Tamilnadu.

Mahabalipuram Cave Temple

Courtesy: www.remotelands.com

One of the man made wonders for its art form at its purity. The recognition of the art came when it was declared one of the UNESCO world heritage site.

Mudumalai National Park

Courtesy: www.ispoz.com

It is situated in the Nilgiri district started as a tiger reserve has a lot of endangered species and protecting them with utmost care. It is being considered for the declaration of UNESCO world heritage site.

Kodaikanal Caves or Guna Caves

Courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

The name means “The Gift of the Forest” had this cave which was called Devil’s Kitchen before but the famous filming sequence of Guna by Kamal Haasan, it has been enshrined as Guna Caves.  Also, visit the two pillars famous wonder here.

Queen of Hill Stations – Ooty

Courtesy: www.happytrips.com

The reason for calling the queen of hill stations in south India is how pleasant it makes it feel every time you back to here. The botanical exhibitions are a major attraction for tourists.

Chidambaram Temple

Courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

The temple is famous for the portrayal of Lord Shiva in the dance form as Thillai Natraja. A must visit for the Bharatanatyam dance enthusiasts.

Madurai Temple

Courtesy: www.findmytemple.com

The Kamatchi temple in Madurai has a deep connect with Sangam Tamil literature which would help in understanding the ethos of Tamil language and Tamil people.

P.S: These are some of the really very important places to visit and hence listed in the top 10 of Tamilnadu.


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