Manushi Chhillar, the new Miss World

After winning the ultimate crown of Miss World and brining the title home, after 17 years, Manushi Chhillar is now in the country and busy in giving multiple interviews and media interactions. The girl from Haryana, recently during an interview, said that she wishes that her winning expressions should were more ‘lady like’.

“I won’t deny that I’ve seen the video several times. It still gives me goosebumps. I do wish I had given more lady-like reactions. It was something which came out naturally. Now I like to look at it and laugh.”

Although, an unusual and unwanted joke’ (pun) on Manushi Chhillar’s surname was made by Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor, soon after the news of her winning the crown broke out.

Shashi Tharoor said, “What a mistake to demonetise our currency! BJP should have realised that Indian cash dominates the globe: look, even our Chhillar has become Miss World.”

Manushi’s surname translates to ‘loose change’ in colloquial hindi.

And not to say, that these words by Tharoor were enough for causing a big furore, not only among the social media users, but also in the political arena too.

The winning moment

However, Manushi was not at all annoyed and instead tweeted about Tharoor’s comment, by calling it a “tongue-in-cheek remark”.

“Miss World victory is something very personal to me. But everyone has their own sense of humour and you’ve social media where everyone has their own opinion. I was happy I could give people an insight into my sense of humour.”

Regarding the impact of her win in Haryana and her village, she said, “There is already so much positive change that has been happening. The khap panchayat in my ancestral village has abolished the practice of firing at weddings. “I am just a 20-year-old normal girl but knowing that I can do such things, it’s very enriching for me.”

Most importantly, when asked about the aspects of entering Bollywood and future offers, she told, “There have been offers from Bollywood but as of now I’ve not really committed to anything. I really want to explore my life as a Miss World and live that moment first. After this one year, I have to complete my education. But I am not really thinking about it. I would never rule out any opportunity completely. I’d be a fool to do that.”


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