Nowadays we are living in the hookup world, where getting attached to someone for benefits is all people are searching for. But… wait! what about those who have the strong bond with their partner? Although, love can heal you from every situation, how far? because it has expiry date also.

Yes, we think the love of our partner will stay longer with us but the situation changes so the people and our beliefs don’t last that long.

What happens when the relationship comes to an end? Is the only question left when two loving souls get separated? Some remain with nothing while some choose friendship over all the hurdles.

And, if you too are belonged from the same situation and this is for you:

1. The world assumes you’re not over them when actually, it’s the only statement of an end you’re alright with.

2. The new guy or girl you try to date just don’t get from what you are passing.

3. Sometimes, benefits overpower friendship and we can’t decide either it is okay or not?

4. Only you know, you are together due to the understanding you have with each other, not because you were together in physical relation.

5. You consider each other’s problems because you’ve been going through the same life situation.

6. Something also unmistakably gets awkward more often than not, but their demeanor makes it worth it.

7. And, at the end, you realize or learn to see the beauty in an ending.

8. Getting replaced by his/her new partner is the badest truth of life but again, makes you super strong.

9. No matter, you are or were in the relationship, because their friends are always your friend.

10. You understand that not everyone will eternally appreciate your judgments, you yourself will not know your decisions, but that’s okay till they seem okay.

So, do you guys relate to this situation, if yes then mention in the comment below!

Have a happy sharing.


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