A traveler’s first instinct is thrill and adventure. He craves for fun, adventurous getaways, and thrilling activities. Especially when it comes to road trips. The road trip lovers will always search for a new road to drive on.

It’s like breathing for them, as they love to relish in the feel of fresh air and scenic beauty while driving. But what adds up, even more, spice to their adventure is if the driveway is thrilling as well as beautiful. That makes the blood of a true traveler race with full force.

So, we have brought a few such thrilling pathways that will make your drive so much more fun. Have a look!

1. Scenic Byway 163, Arizona/Utah, USA


This rocky and deserted stretch is a beautiful place to drive at. It will definitely give a thrill to road trip lovers especially with the beautiful red rock mountains ahead inviting you with open arms. Though there is no place to rest or stop anywhere on this road. 

2. Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh, India


Rohtang Pass is one of the most dangerous drives in the world. Heavy snowfalls and landslides are common occurrences here. Many people have lost their lives while driving in this pathway. But the scene that awaits you on this road is worth a shot. 

3. Tianmen Mountain Road, China


This road is 11 kilometers long and has the most spectacular views ever. The hairpin curves make it risky to drive on this road. But the scene that will greet you at the top will make you forget everything.

4. Ruta 40, Argentina


This beautiful route has a variety of scenes to gaze at. There are 20 national parks, 18 rivers and many snow-capped mountains on the way.

5. State Route 1, Big Sur, California


State Route 1 is situated along the stretch of Pacific Ocean. The beautiful luscious green mountains and the ocean give the most amazing feeling. It’s so hard to resist driving on this road.

6. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida, USA


Seven miles long bridge is also known as an overseas highway. The pathway connects mainland Florida to the vacation hotspot ‘The Florida Keys’. The beautiful blue sea and the lovely creatures in it will be your companions on this road. 

7. Milford Road, New Zealand


The Milford road is what we call as pure beauty. The road has the most beautiful and enticing view with lush green mountains, a pine tree forest, and a beautiful, serene water body. Just the perfect kind of romantic ride for all the couples out there. 

8. Furka and Grimsel Pass, Switzerland


The Furka and Grimsel pass is like a paradise on the Earth. The green lush landscapes and snow-capped mountains at the far end along with a steam rail track running parallel make it even more beautiful. The James Bond movie ‘Goldfinger’ was also shot here. 

9. Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia


The beautiful stretch of ocean, rainforests and many national parks make this pathway an absolute fun to drive at. It’s gorgeous and perfect for a photographer and a traveler both.

10. Stelvio Pass, Italy


This stunning pass is situated in the middle of some beautiful landscapes at an altitude of 9,045 feet. The hairpin curves have some really amazing and beautiful spots where you can stop, click photos and enjoy. 

11. Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa


This driveway is actually very thrilling. While on one side you have dangerous curves and mountains, the other side you have steep valley and an angry ocean. It’s a 5 miles long drive with 114 blind turns. But the view is just so mesmerizing that every thought of risk and danger goes out of the window in an instant.  

12. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway


This driveway is situated on an angry looking Atlantic Ocean. There are times when the water goes to its extreme and the road vanishes under the water. All the water habitats coming out of the water time and again makes it so much more beautiful. 

And finally, as it is said that “Don’t listen to what they say, go and see”. So, if you haven’t been to any of these places then now is the time. Pack your bags, get your wheels ready and drive away. Trust me you will always cherish these beautiful moments.

Hope you like it. Share it with all your travel buddies and comment below.



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