There is always a little and hidden  traveler in everyone. Also there are some people who dreams to travel everytime.
But before planning to visit abroad countries like Paris, New York etc. we have to think thrice as the Indian currency is comparatively weaker than these countries, so that it will prove costlier. In such situation, not to worry guys.

There are few countries which are cheaper to visit as their currency are weaker than India.

1. Japan


Crowded cities, imperial palaces, mountainous parks, shrines, and temples are the factors that are enough to visit Japan. Also the Japanese food is world famous. 1 INR = 1.70 JPY

2. Paraguay

Paraguay’s subtropical forests, broad rivers and uncommon history are the factors that attract the tourist coming to visit South America. 1 INR = 88.24 PYG

3. Costa Rica


Its jungles, beaches, lush flora and adventurous sports, Tortuguero National Park, green turtles, the manatees, and the American crocodiles make the country the one of the most visited country of the world. 1 INR = 8.96 CRC

 4. Sri Lanka

The neighbouring Indian country is famous for its wild life, beaches, natural spots, flora and fauna, botanical gardens, heritage and pilgrimage are the tourist attraction of Sri Lanka. 1 INR =  2.37 LKR

5. Cambodia

The country where birthdays are not celebrated attracts its tourists with their culture of ‘Sampehe(Namaste)’ and its beautiful locations and markets. 1 INR = 63.69 KHR.

6. Indonesia

Indonesia has 13,466 large and small tropical islands. Its white sandy beach, rolling waves, enchanting culture & tradition, dance & music are the attraction of Indonesia. 1 INR = 207.58 IDR

7. South Korea

South Korea attracts tourists with its beautiful landscapes, amazing food, efficient public transit system, advanced technology, and huge shopping offers.
1 INR = 17.67 SKW

8. Vietnam


Islands, beaches, old towns and Ruan Ran(snake wine) are the attraction of Vietnam. 1 INR = 353.78 VND

9. Hungary

The country which is known to produce wine since 5th century AD is also famous for its Budapest city and Pálinka (a fruit brandy).1 INR = 4.00 HUF

10. Island

In Island, people don’t use surnames. The name of an individual is followed by their father’s name. There are no forest but the country has alot more to offer you to visit. 1 INR = 1.66 ISK


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