Its that time of the year again. The weather for fog, mist, scarves, boots, and the sweet smell of cookies in the air. Winter is finally here! And with all the festivities that are yet to come, you better be ready to face it all! Apart from a fabulous wardrobe choice, another thing that should be taken care of is your skin.

Problems like dry patchy skin is the common problem during winters. But, don’t worry, these tips below will tackle all your skin issues!


  1. Cleanse

Winters are cold and dreary, so you might want to limit the number of times you wash your face, instead opting for any simple cleansing milk. Not only does it deep cleanses but refreshes the skin too.




  1. Scrub scrub

Avoid daily scrubbing in winters to avoid rashes and redness. Instead switch to twice a week routine with an exfoliating scrub to get rid of clogged pores. You can use brown sugar with a table spoon of olive/coconut oil to make your own inexpensive                                                                                                           scrub.



  1. Mosturize

Be sure to moisturize on a daily basis to give all the essential elements to your skin. Almond oil or extra virgin oil can work wonders to cure dryness.





  1. DIY face packs

Diy face packs are very easy to prepare and cost next to nothing. You can try making a pack that suits your skin type and voila! Hello beautiful skin! Some common packs that can be prepared at home are avocado, banana, aloe vera, etc.






  1. Stay hydrated

Never miss out on drinking lots of water. It hydrates your skin and body from inside in dry weathers.







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