Happiness is a key to everyone and anyone’s success from within as well as from outside. It’s something we always want to have in our lives at any cost because that’s the goal of every living person on this planet-to be happy after his/her objectives in the world are over and done.

But to be really happy both internally and externally, its important to keep getting inspired from our surroundings and people whom we admire and look upto. Or it can be anything that makes us motivated to do something that gives us the best feeling of ‘pure happiness’.

So, here are some inspiring quotes for you to make you look at those things which eventually make you happy or those aspects of yours which ultimately make you content-in every way possible.

By C.S Lewis-creator of Narnia

By Ralph Marston-American footballer

By Eleanor Roosevelt-American Politician, Diplomat and activist

By Oscar Wilde-Irish Poet and playwright

By Mahatma Gandhi-India’s Freedom Fighter and Father of Nation

By Christian Dior-French Designer

By Dalai Lama-Tibetan Monk

By William Lyon Phelps-American author, critic and scholar


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