We all became sad when Paul Walker died. Nobody thought that he will die so soon. There are many famous people who left earth early and their death was extremely shocking. Have you ever noticed that two celebs passed away on the same date and only their death year was different? Obviously, the answer is ‘No’.

Well, Today we are going to give you the list of all such celebs. So, let’s began:

#1. Mother Teresa, Neerja Bhanot, Aadesh Srivastava- 5 September


Saint Teresa passed away in the year 1997 while flight attendant breathed last on 5 September 1886. Music composer lost his life in 2015 due to cancer.

#2. Paul Walker and Oscar Wilde- 30 November


It was the 113th anniversary of the poet when actor Paul died in a car accident on 30th November 2013. Oscar Wilde died in the year 1900 due to cerebral spinal meningitis.

#3. Beant Singh and Princess Diana- 31 August


Punjab CM died because of a car bombing in the year 1995. Two years after that princess passed away in a car crash in Paris.

#4. Divya Bharti and Kurt Cobain – 5 April


The actress jumped from a five-story building in 1993 and died while rock star died due to a drug overdose on the same day but the year was different i.e 1994.

#5. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett – 25 June


King of Pop and actress died on the same date and year i.e. on 25th June 2009.

#6. Sunnanda Pushkar and Suchitra Sen- 17 January


On 17 January both bid adieu to the world. Wife of Shashi Tharoor was found dead in a hotel room in year 2014 while Bengali actress died due to a heart attack.

#7. Zohra Sehgal and Omar Sherif – 10 July


The actress died on 10 July 2014 and Lawrence of Arabia Star Omar Sharif passed away on the same date of the year 2015.

#8. Soundarya and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan- 17 April


On April 17, 2004, the actress died in an aircraft accident. On the same date, first Indian vice president also passed away in the year 1975.


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