Our face is an important part of our body. We keep our face clean and dirt free at all times so that we don’t have pimples. And for that, we use all sorts of facewash and scrubs. We trust advertisements and use chemical products to protect the soft and sensitive skin of our face.

We use chemical products even after knowing that they are just temporary and will probably harm our skin. But now no more. I have brought you a homemade scrub which will help you in getting flawless skin without causing any harm. This scrub needs only two ingredients from your kitchen: Baking soda and coconut oil/virgin coconut oil.

Read ahead to know more about this scrub.

Dampen your face and hands completely


Firstly, you need to dampen your face and hands properly. Also, tie your hair back so that the scrub doesn’t stick to your hair and make it greasy.

Mix the two magical ingredients


Prepare a paste-like mixture with the two ingredients. People with normal skin type can go for 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. People with sensitive skin can use 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Do not use it if it doesn’t suit your skin.

Put the mixture on your face


Now dab the paste on your face equally and massage your face in circular motion. Don’t rub too hard otherwise you will have redness and rashes on your face.

Wash your face


After keeping it for 1 minute wash it with normal water. Then pat your face dry softly with a towel. Feel the difference in your skin.

Moisturize your face


Now take a good face moisturizer and use it on your skin so that your face doesn’t get dry. There are a lot of benefits of this mixture.

Let’s see what are these skin advantages.

Smooth and polished skin


Coconut oil is very good for your skin. It gives you flawless and glowing face.

You will also get rid of acne scars


This mixture helps you in getting rid of redness and acne scars. Continuous use of this mixture will give you blemish free skin.

No more dry skin


We face the problem of dry skin a lot these days because of pollution. But using this mixture will help you in getting rid of that as well.

No more blackheads and whiteheads


Baking soda also acts as an exfoliator so if you use this mixture on a regular basis then it will help you in getting rid of all your blackheads and whiteheads.

Balances the pH level


Maintaining the pH level of your skin is not an easy task. But with this easy mixture, you can actually balance your pH level.

Helps in stimulating blood flow


The continuous circular motion and the concoction along with the coconut oil will help you in stimulating the blood flow in your face. This will result in attaining glowing and blushing skin.

So try this out and get the amazing skin with no harmful effects at all.

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