“MAKE LOVE NOT SCARS”(MLNS) is a non-government organization (NGO) in Delhi dedicated to helping acid attack survivors rehabilitate. The NGO launched a job portal, #Skills Not Scars, on Nov. 28 to help the victims find job opportunities and re-enter mainstream life .

Within two days nearly 30 people have enrolled on the site.  Anyone can log in to the site from any part of India. There is another option of  “I CAN’T HIRE BUT I CAN SHARE” where people so inclined can share candidates’ applications through Facebook, Mail, Twitter or Linked-In.

Ria Sharma, a co-founder of  “MAKE LOVE NOT SCARS”, previously served victims of acid attacks in a variety of promotional social programs. Make Love Not Scars also supports victims of gender-based violence.

People with a creative background, especially photography and video, or those who can write are invited to interact with the survivors. “We are always looking for people to come and spend time with the survivors,” Sharma said. More importantly, Sharma tries to connect them with each other.  She feels it is important that the people network and become self-sufficient in their chosen field of work.

Last year, the Delhi government also initiated a program to give employment opportunities to acid attack victims. Under Ria Sharma’s leadership, the organization has conducted many successful campaigns to raise funds for medical care and rehabilitation of the survivors.

Here is link to the organisation: http://makelovenotscars.org/



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