Depression is a taboo and it is considered as the problem of the head not the emotion in the world. Why? Nobody has the answer for it. If a person dealing with depression, he advised to take help of psychiatrist but not everytime psychiatrist can help the suffering person. Sometimes, people around the suffered person can do much better for that person than any professional.
However, what did a boyfriend do for his girlfriend suffering from depression will melt your heart. Imgur user RoastedIguana is a very fortunate girl to have a boyfriend like him, to know why, have a look here:
She posted a picture with a huge note on “How my bf is handling my crippling depression”
 “I swear my bedroom is not as gross as it appears here) I’ve been clinically depressed for 13 years, once in a while I can’t even get myself to get out of bed, no matter how hungry I am or how bad I have to pee. Today is such a day. I was up but went back to bed.
Eventually, my boyfriend came looking for me. Told him (mumbling cause I’m too exhausted to open my mouth) I want to cancel what we had planned for today and just stay in bed. He asked if I wanted tea, said no, he made tea anyway. Then the madness began.
Placing the tea on the table at the end of the bed, me buried under blankets and pillows, he asks if I want the curtains closed. I say no. He closes them anyway. He asks if I want him to fill up the hottie. I say no. He fills it anyway and throws it under the blanket. He asks if I want my onesie. I say no. He throws it over me anyway. He asks if I need anything else. I say no. He places a poster roll on top of me and leaves the room.
He comes back and adds my boot. I freak out bc he just put a dirty boot on the blanket. Then he comes back with a frickin chair and puts it on the pile, under which I am buried. At this point, I can’t help but laugh. He leaves the room and comes back with a pen.
Then he brings me a light bulb, saying I need to lighten up. Then he comes back with a bill over 300€ saying „un-bill-eavable.“ Next, he brings a knife saying that sometimes it’s better to cut some corners.
In the end, he brought the cat, put her down on my head and left the room saying if I needed anything else I have to scream really loud. I didn’t have to scream, cause like half an hour later I was able to get out of bed. I drank my tea while writing this bc I felt like sharing it with someone.”
She is really blessed to have a boyfriend like him. 


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