Yoga has been practicing in India since ancient times. It is mentioned in Rigveda also. Later, it is adopted in West world too. And now after Yoga, a new term ‘Hot Yoga’ has become very famous and it is highly adopted by people who are the fitness freak. But, for the people who are beginners or planning to join the Hot Yoga, they should well understand the concept of it.

Hot Yoga is performed in a studio which is 40°C and 40% humidity. Bikram Chaudhary develops this form of Yoga during the late 20th Century. Before developing a steady technique that consists 26 poses to stretch the body and become aware of one’s own breathing, Bikram practiced different poses for 6 hours. But guys, it is not easy as it sounds.

Is Practicing Hot Yoga Safe:


As Hot Yoga is a huge craze these days but everytime a thing comes to mind- is it safe? So, if correctly done by keeping in mind all the must-dos of Hot Yoga, it doesn’t harm the body at all. It’s completely safe. But it shouldn’t be practiced by people who have blood pressure and who can’t handle the heat. The body must be well hydrated before and after the yoga. Also never ignore the signs or clues that your body is indicating you.

How Does Hot Yoga Benefit The Body:


It has many health benefits.
1. While stretching, one needs to put a lot of efforts, and it focuses on toning your legs that gives a good physique.
2. Sweat start releasing from the body while doing Hot Yoga and helps flush toxins from the skin.
3. Hot Yoga relaxes the entire body. It makes body loose and in a good shape.
4. Hot Yoga strengthens the mind and provides peace to the mind.

Styles of Hot Yoga:


Hot Yoga has different styles.
1. Bikram yoga is considered the original incarnation of the form. It follows a set sequence of 26 postures.
2. Moksha Yoga is a form that incorporates things like energy-efficient heating and sustainable flooring. It varies from studio to studio and so the temperature may varies.
3. Evolation Yoga is an expanded branch of Bikram Yoga which teaches primary hot series full blast at 105 degrees

Preparation for Hot Yoga:


Preparation is quite needed to enjoy Hot Yoga. One must be well-hydrated before taking a hot yoga class and try not eating too much before the class. And afterward, take drink such as Gatorade, Emergen-C or coconut water to replenish the lost minerals. The mind must be free while performing Hot Yoga.

Cautions While Performing Hot Yoga:


According to naturopathic doctor Sandra Murphy, “There’s a chance of getting injured. You could be going beyond your endpoint because you’re losing the ability to know where your edge is… so you’re artificially stretching the muscle.” Murphy recommends regular yoga as a form of exercise but doesn’t believe the two should necessarily go hand-in-hand.

I hope the information about Hot Yoga will prove beneficial for you!


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