The Last of Us II. Image Source:

The Last of Us was an exceptional game for everyone who played it and we all loved it so much that the developers are back with the super sequel, The Last of Us II. At the E3 2018, the official gameplay was showcased by Naughty Dog, and the gamers and fans were in shock, with its sheer details and clarity of the game and characters-so much realistic.

But there was one more aspect of the first game in the series which attracted and mostly impressed everyone. It can’t be denied that the single-player gameplay was terrific and awesome but the multiplayer mode was also well-received by those who tried it.

And now, with The Last of Us II, the multiplayer option of ‘Factions’ will return again to let many gamers battle it out at the same time! It has been confirmed by Naughty Dog that the ‘Factions’ for multiplayer will come back.

The co-director of the game, Kurt Margenau also told:

“Multiplayer is coming back. We’re not going to talk details yet about what form that takes, but we can confirm there will be multiplayer.”

Though, at the E3 2018 nothing regarding the multiplayer option for The Last of Us 2 was revealed, but it’s expected that it will be revealed later in the year at the Paris Games Week or PSX in December.

The game will be probably released later in 2019.


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