Nowadays it has become a common practice for people like us to go online and ask questions. Some questions are related to love life, some are related to family life but some are just simply irrelevant and weird.

There are a few people who just voice out their questions without even giving it a second thought. They don’t even realize that how weird and funny they sound.

There are a few such questions that people asked online and I bet you will laugh your ass off after reading them.

1. NO! Coz lesbians are zombies!

Why would they eat vegetables? They are zombies and they love to eat people.

2. I haven’t given it a try

I am a foodie but a book is not my choice of food. I would rather go for something edible to eat and would preferably read that book.

3. Because science and math have nothing to do with it

They can be topics for conversation but your excellence in these subjects has nothing to do with it. Maybe, you should try a simple ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’.

4. Try shooting for 911!

Dude! Are you really that dumb? Get to the police and save your girlfriend instead of practicing your ‘not so’ sharpshooting.

5. Gross no!

Also, you may probably end up dead if that girl somehow finds out about your nasty act.

6. Well, you are halfway there

I don’t know about you drinking yourself to death but you are definitely doing the latter one very well.

7. Yeah, because Quora has a secret deal with IITs

Quora and IITs have a secret deal so maybe you can give it a try but the chances are pretty low.

8. Try magic!

In some illusional parallel universe maybe it is easy to learn to code in one night. So, if you are staying here try something like magic.

9. Go for DNA test

I think DNA test might help your case. I say give it a go.

10. Of course not!

I can’t believe we learned it all wrong. Now I am confused.

11. Reincarnation

Yes, reincarnation is the only way of becoming a fish. But make sure that you ask God to make you one.

12. Seems upset!
Oh my god! Looks like somebody is upset about their poop.

13. What kind of a question is that?

Absolutely not! Instead, it will show that ‘A stupid human being just tried to reach you kindly ignore.’

14. Yeah! If you have a womb

Maybe, if you have a womb and vagina instead of a penis and sperms than, yeah sure!

15. Good luck with that

The satan now resides inside your headphones. You can’t get rid of it so, I suggest, stop using them.