The new Union of Minions. Source:

Minions are getting bored of their boss, Gru. With Gru becoming more of a hero than a villain, the team brought in a new villain. And guess what! The minions will no longer go in search of a boss, as they have found one among themselves. The Despicable Me franchise introduces a new minion leader, Mel in this sequel.

Unlike Bob, Stuart and Kevin, who hang out with Gru and help him with his evil plans, Mel will stand on his own. According to the franchise, Mel goes against the concept of forced labour. This sequel will project him as a revolutionary leader of the “Union of Minion” He will lead the minions, and show them that they have the evil DNA within themselves.

The support for Mel.

Also, one more addition in this sequel is, Gru’s long lost twin Dru. As seen in the trailer, Gru and Dru (Steve Carell for both) will team up against Bratt, who steals the largest diamond. The new additions come at the cost of the three main minions. Minions will miss Bob, Stuart and Kevin, this time.

This most awaited sequel of one of the top grossing animation films will screen world-wide this June.