The drought is finally over. The Oscar nominations for 2017 feature actor’s from diverse background’s. The Oscars are no longer white as they were for the past two years.

Damien Chazelle’s La La Land leads all films.  The film has the most Oscar nominations tied with Titanic. Director Damien Chazelle is in the mix to win the Oscar for Best Director. The film is also nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Music Score, Cinematography.

La La Land bagged 14 Oscar nomination

Science fiction drama Arrival and Moonlight are second with 8 nominations. While, Hacksaw Ridge, Lion and Manchester by Sea each has 6 nominations.
The category for Best Actor in a leading role features many actors. Ryan Gosling For La La Land, Andrew Garfield for Hacksaw Ridge, Casey Affleck for Manchester By the Sea, Viggo Mortensen for Captain Fantastic and Denzel Washington for Fences.
While in the Best Actress in a leading role features fine actress as well. Emma Stone for La La Land, Isabella Huppert for Elle, Ruth Negga for Loving, Natalie Portman for Jackie and Meryl Streep for Florence Foster Jenkins.
Many great films released last year. Those nominated for the Oscar’s are Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, Hidden Figures, Lion, Moonlight, Fences, Hell or High Water, La La Land, Manchester by the Sea.
Indian Origin actor Dev Patel known for his role in Slumdog Millionaire is also nominated. The actor is in the mix for The best actor in a Supporting Role for the movie Lion.
The Oscar’s this year has more diversity in the nominations this year. 6 African American actors are in the contention for an Oscar this year. With Viola Davis and Denzel Washington both nominated for their role in the movie Fences.