A still of Alicia Vikander, from the film

Next year’s going to be more than exciting, as we will be finally getting to see a reboot version of iconic female video game character, Lara Croft, on the big screen, in the face of Oscar winning actress, Alicia Vikander. It will be an origin story and Roar Uthaug has taken the big onus on his shoulders to get her story right, by doing appropriate justice with the source material, as per the reboot game, released in 2013.

And now comes a good news for all the ‘Croft-ers’ and Tomb Raider franchise fans!

Recently, during a media interaction, Alicia Vikander talked about her role and playing character of Lara on the big-screen. She also revealed that the trailer for Tomb Raider reboot flick is soon going to make its arrival, in about two weeks!

When asked about the role and the essence of Lara’s very nature and about the movie itself, here’s what she said:

“She’s a very loved character, like you said, and I grew up playing the games, and I was thrilled when I was fifteen and I saw the films with Angelina Jolie. She really made her into an icon with those films. The video game went through quite a change and it got rebooted in 2013, and it’s very much an origin story. And it’s kind of the next door girl taking on a journey of becoming the action hero that we very much know her to be. So, I definitely think there’s a lot of elements there, both honoring the character that people know of and a lot of new elements that they will hopefully be surprised and engaged to see.”

She is currently busy, promoting her latest film Euphoria in the Toronto International Film Festival.

Directed by Roar Uthaug, and distributed by Warner Bros, Tomb Raider reboot movie is scheduled for a March release, next year.