Kangana, winner of three National Awards (Best Supporting Actor for Fashion, Best Actress for Queen and then, Tanu Weds Manu Returns), feels that men do not want to have sex with intimidating women.

Being scornful of the patriarchal perspective, Kangana said, “(Men think) Intimidating women aren’t worth having sex with.”

“Bold, stubborn women, who are achievers, are desirable only to those who are strong and assured. (For some men) it’s frightening to handle a woman who can speak her mind. Thankfully, that’s not true of everyone. Courage is often endearing and rare,” Kangana added.

Ranaut may consider herself “opinionated and inherently badass” but she is dejected that her contemporaries in Bollywood are not like her.

“Women are raised to believe they are healers. They can only nurture. People appreciate the goody two-shoes. Even the most successful women want to be liked by others. There is the alluring promise of heaven for those who can love selflessly. It’s fine if they can’t look themselves in the eye, but the world should see them as the epitome of holiness. They (her colleagues) don’t stand up for themselves, forget doing it for others,” Kangana told Mid-Day in an interview.

According to her, her female contemporaries hold back from saying how they feel for fear of backlash.

All throughout 2016, Kangana Ranaut grabbed headlines because of the mutual mud-slinging between her and actor Hrithik Roshan. While Kangana insisted that Hrithik had an illicit relationship with her “behind closed doors”, Hrithik vehemently denied of anything of that sort ever happening.

Eventually, lawyers got involved and Hrithik-Kangana dragged each other to the courts.

“I was dragged to court for being who I am. I was restricted to a relationship that was (carried out) behind closed doors and I fought it fair and square. People (can) talk rubbish, but they can’t decide how I lead my life,” Kangana said.


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