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The much awaited and highly anticipated Indian movie this year, Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0’s release has been postponed even further now! Yes, it’s true and a lot of fans will be disheartened after knowing this that the pre-planned date of the sci-fi sequel to 2010’s blockbuster Robot, was scheduled for April, but now that’s also been shifted.

Instead, Rajinikanth’s another anticipated film, Kaala will now be arriving before 2.0! Kaala is currently in post-production stage and will be ready for a release in April. It was previously scheduled for an August release, but now things have been reversed. ‘Kaala’ will likely hit the theaters on April 27th, 2018.

This will surely upset the die-hard fans of the superstar, but there’s a reason for a big delay in 2.0’s release. And the reason is its visual-effects. Many complicated visual effects for the film are yet to be completed by the production team.

The huge cost of the film has been spent on the massive amount of visual-effects which are being helmed by the famous Stan Winston Studios in Hollywood.

Directed by the famous Indian genius, Shankar, and also starring actress Amy Jackson, ‘2.0’ may hit the theaters in August now.


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