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October 1, 2020
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All in! The full cast gathers at one place for a ‘big epic photo’...

The days are decreasing gradually towards the arrival of the most anticipated superhero movie (of probably all-time), Avengers: Infinity War and everyone wants to be a part of this great big...

This ‘scene’ from Avengers: Infinity War would make Thanos the greatest villain!

MCU movies have been great, no doubt, but their villains have not been so memorable and impactful-again, no doubt! But this is going to change, soon! And it’s been told by...

Kevin Feige wishes ‘Captain Marvel’ had been released before DC’s Wonder Woman!

Marvel Studios has given a vast cinematic universe to the world and it’s the best running Cinematic Universe at the moment. In the last ten years there’s nothing which the Marvel...
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