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The online shopping giant has become an integral part of Indian families where even senior citizens have become well versed with it. Amazon provides the best online shopping arena following which is Flipkart.

While we have all known Amazon as an online retail store, a product developer and cloud service provider, it is now venturing into selling old goods. Also, this service has been introduced only in India currently. Work is under progress to take this initiative to a global level.

In this new service by Amazon, people are relieved from the burden of identifying the appropriate buyer, negotiating price and most importantly transporting these goods. Amazon in its service collects the goods from the seller, packs them up and transports with charging subsidized amount from the owners. It charges Rs.10 for goods worth less than 1000 and the scale increases with the value of the goods.

Amazon’s previous services include many products like Kindle, Alexa, etc. It is one of the many companies providing cloud based services. It is highly used by people globally for its wide range of products and reliable service. The launch of Amazon Seller would be highly appreciated by the online buying selling community. It is expected to be a great success and would be most welcomed if introduced all across the world.