work life balance survey by HSBC

Work life balance

Work life balance refers to prioritizing between lifestyle and work. This expression “work life balance” was used in UK in late 1970s. Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out says that if you are able to prioritize certain elements of your life during certain periods, you can make everything work over time.

The HSBC survey

Recently a HSBC expat explorer survey was done by YouGov and HSBC on 26,871 mobile workers. As per the survey the European countries still top the successful expat careers destination. Furthermore, emerging economies generate positive attitude in minds of the workers. Working abroad helps in advancing your career prospects. Also, it offers an ocean of opportunities for expats to match up their priorities. As new year kicks off the expats also start analyzing and planning their further steps in the careers abroad.

Switzerland is one of the six European countries which tops the list of perfect destination for career abroad. This is the second time in continuation. Here the average annual expat income is $188,275. This is twice the global average of $97,419. The country offers a great work life balance and work culture. 61% of expats say that the work culture is better than home country.

The OECD work life balance index indicates that a full time worker spends 15 hours on personal care and leisure on an average. In the HSBC survey, Norway is on fifth position. Also,Norway is one of the OECD country. This average in Norway is 15.6 hours. In addition, only 3% of employees work for long hours. This is less than the average of 13% of OECD index. This indicates that Norway is a great place to work. Expats say that work life balance is likely to improve here.

Recently a news in the local shows that how an Italian fashion tycoon maintains work life balance in his organization. Brunello Cucinelli is known for his amazing employment practices. He bans work after 5.30 in the evening and checking mails outside office hours. There is a 90 minute lunch break in which practically seen the employee can go home and take a nap. Read more at

HSBC says expats should go for middle east if they want a good employment package. For instance for example in the UAE 56% get accommodation allowance.Also, in Bahrain , 65% of expats receive an annual allowance for trips to home.

Work life balance contributes towards employee satisfaction. Employees are the assets of an organization. The satisfied employees generate a good amount of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they serve towards increasing the client base of the company. Therefore, work life balance adds to a long term benefit for the company.


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