We have all heard about how Bollywood songs are the reason behind harassment. But something unique happened in this concert of Pakistani heartthrob Atif Aslam.

Popular Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is known and loved for his melodious songs like Tajdaar-E-Haram, Tere Bin, etc. Having had people utterly mesmerized with his numbers at numerous live performances, this time the singer gave another reason for his fans to love him even more.

Atif was performing at Karachi Eat 2017 and stopped suddenly, giving signals to his band to stop.

He took mike and pointed out at a guy from the crowd.

“Tumne kabhi ladki nahi dekhi hai, Tumhari Maa-Behen bhi ho sakti hai yaha pe”, said the singer to a bunch of hooligans harassing a girl in the crowd.

Further, he asked the girl to come on stage and escorted her to a safe place.

He later told people to behave properly, or he will make the concert short. One of the fans of Atif posted a video of the whole incident on Twitter.

The act was heroic. Many of his fans cheered for him after this act.

Not just the crowd at the Karachi event, Twitter too has been buzzing with praises for the singer ever since. People tweeted their “love and respect” for what he did. His act of reprimanding the eve-teasers was caught on camera, which subsequently went viral in no time.

The singer has been followed by millions on Facebook and is a popular face among people.

The singer-turned actor have done a movie “BOL” on women’s rights in Pakistan and has been vocal about women issues since the beginning.

The singer have given his voice for songs like Tere Bin, Janam Janam, Doorie,Jalpari,tere sang yaara.

He is also the received the highest civilian award of Pakistan in his career.

He have won the hearts of the people and internet by this heroic act and is currently trending on Facebook and Twitter.