It is said that “Secrets kill relationships”. Secrets must remain under hidden confines in order to protect ourselves and our cherished relationships. If by mistake your secret falls on wrong ears or hands then it will turn your life into a scandal.

Also, it is said that secrets change with every mouth and ear. It means that suppose you tell your secret to someone and he conveys it with added spice. The end result of added spices will not be good, I assure you.

But you know what is the toughest part of life, it is keeping secrets. Especially girls, they just don’t know when, where and to whom they must share a secret. But don’t worry we have a few solutions for your problem with the help of which you will be able to keep your secret safe forever.

Have a look.

1. First thing first, try to forget it!

If you have a really weak memory then your secret is already safe. If not, then try to distract yourself from your secret in order to forget it.

2. Be a loyal secret keeper

If someone trusts you with their secret, never break their trust. If people think that you are an excellent secret keeper, be proud of yourself.

3. Share your secret with your pets

Pets are the best secret keepers. If you cannot hold a secret then all you need to is talk to your pet. You will feel light and also your secret will remain a secret.

4. Don’t let your secrets reflect in your behavior

It can be a very challenging task to keep a secret. When you have a secret you try to act normal, avoid eye contact or shake leg or rub hands while talking. It can make people doubt you.

5. Bury your secrets deeply

The best way of keeping a secret from spreading is to bury it somewhere deep. You can write your secret on a piece of paper and can bury it somewhere in your backyard. You can also burn it to keep it safe.

6. Change the topic

If you feel that the topic is slowly turning to that secret zone, then the best thing you can do is change the topic. Try to change it smoothly and not suddenly otherwise people surrounding you will get suspicious.

7. Pretend that you know nothing

You can also pretend as if you have never heard of it before. It is said that ‘Ignorance is bliss’. So, to keep a secret safe pretend to be innocent and unaware.

8. Don’t make it a gossip

It’s good to share everything with your parents or your best friend but it’s even better to keep some things to yourself.

9. Lie if needed

Lying is bad but lying for a good cause is not a sin. In case you have no other way left, you can always opt for lying.

10. Never document it

The most important step in keeping a secret from getting exposed is to never document it. And even if you have documented it, you should tear it or burn it.

Hope this will help you in keeping yours and other’s secrets safe.


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