A few days ago, rumors were swirling that Ben Affleck may be replaced as the Dark Knight after this year’s Justice League. But now, what has come as a contrasting surprise, is regarding the actor’s new role on the project, The Batman, which will be helmed by director Matt Reeves.

According to the website Fortress of Solitude, Ben Affleck has signed to star in a Batman trilogy, instead! Matt Reeves will be making a three-film series with the Gone Girl actor. As per the website, it wrote:

“According to a Warner Bros. source Ben Affleck has signed on to appear as the Batman in Matt Reeves Trilogy (sic). Affleck will play the Dark Knight for three more films, with the last leading into a Batman Beyond film, which will also lead to the next phase of the DC Extended Universe.”

On the other hand, Warner Bros. studio has not confirmed this news yet, but it’s likely to turn out to be true.