It was yet another expression of outrage by Jallikattu supporters when actress Trisha was verbally attacked on social media.

The actress is well-known for her association with the animal welfare organization PETA and being an ardent animal lover herself. The Jallikattu issue first began again its opposers. Now it has reached the height wherein jallikattu supporters demand the organization itself to be banned. The last few weeks witnessed social media flooding with memes against PETA. And now in a typical turnover of events the leading actress of South India, Trisha Krishnan has been targeted for her association with PETA.
On 14th of January, i.e on ‘Pongal’ day, tons of memes mocking the actress & her PETA connect made rounds on social media. Leading actors of Tamil industry, Kamal and Simbu took it to twitter to express their support for Trisha. In his tweet Simbu referred to the fact that the actress never spoke against jallikattu though she was a part of PETA. Kamal Haasan took to the microblogging site and requested everyone to stop hurting Trisha.
The actress herself expressed her agony by asking if such a behaviour of humiliating a woman and her family was not offensive to Tamil culture. In another tweet, she thanked STR for standing up for her and making her point on this issue clear.

“Disrespecting a woman and her family is tamil culture? You should be ashamed to call urself a Tamilian or even speak about Tamil culture.”, she said in her first tweet.
“Secondly, I have never spoken against Jallikattu at any given point. Thank u @iam_str for making my stand clear and takin up for me as always” the actress said reacting to Simbu’s stand against abusers.