I love Harry Potter movies and have already watched it countless times. So I decided to look for few other movies that show the world of magic, adventures, and fairy world. And gathered the best movies for the lovers of the magic world.

So Here Are The 9 Movies You Must Watch If You Love Magic World:

1. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

The special effects and the story of a boy who comes to know that he is a descendant of a Greek God will make you want to watch the movie for sure.

2. The Golden Compass

The film shows the story of a girl named Lyra Belacqua who begins an incredible and dangerous journey to the far North part and it is filled with secrets and mysteries.

3. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

It is a story of the bizzare world. A man Charlie, along with four children, gets the chance to tour a very famous chocolate factory and there started happening some mysterious things.

4. Pan’s Laybrinth


A girl gets into a creepy yet appealing fantasy world and there she was given horrifying tasks to prove her claimed royalty. It is about the power of magic in dark times.

5. Hook

If you love Harry Potter movie, you will surely love this movie too as it is filled with adventures and magics.

6. The Worst Witch


Mildred, a girl studies at the prestigious witch academy and see herself trying to save the school from the headmistress’s evil twin sister.

7. The Neverending Story


A boy Bastian found a mysterious book and later he found himself on the land of Fantasia where he was the only hope to save the land.

8. The Spiderwick Chronicles


It’s a story of three siblings who find themselves in the world of faeries and other creatures. The great acting of kids and good storyline will keep you intact with the film.

9. Chronicles Of Narnia Series


Narnia is a world of magic and a full adventure journey of four kids who travel to the world of Narnia through a wardrobe.

These are the films that can satisfy your want of more Harry Potter movies. So, when are you gonna watch these movies?


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