There’s a good news for the fans of Batgirl and Kristen Stewart! Warner Bros. studio wants the famous Twilight actress or ‘someone like her’ to play the titular female superhero in a solo film. Just recently a twitter user called DanielRPK posted on his account that ‘Worlds of DC’ franchise will be coming up with a future solo Batgirl movie and for that they have started the process of looking for the actress, best fit to play Barbara Gordon on the big-screen.

As Batgirl won’t be appearing in the still-to-be-filmed Harley Quinn spin-off movie, titled Birds of Prey, it now seems certain that the female superhero will be entering the ‘Worlds of DC’ via her own origin or solo flick.

If Stewart chooses to reply back to Warner Bros. then she will probably do the right thing because she has proved her acting prowess with films like Personal Shopper, Camp X-Ray and On the Road. But going for a superhero role like Batgirl, and that too under DC, will make her stand out in the league of her own-provided she goes for it.

Also, considering the on-going trend, great film actresses like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) have made female superheroes very popular among the people across the globe. So, if the Batgirl movie comes on the big-screen and if Kristen Stewart dons the role of Barbara Gordon, then it will get many of the superhero fans and movie lovers really very excited.

At the moment, no other detail regarding the Batgirl flick has been given by DC, like its release date or who will be the director. But the news is good and we can hope for the best to come.


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