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Well, all companies have been doing this for a while but Samsung has always been called to copy or adapt many features of Apple’s multiple iPhone versions over the years. But currently, the Korean smartphone making giant is not directly copying a feature but slightly adapting it.

Did you get any clues?

Well, the answer is  that Samsung’s next flagship phone in the Galaxy series, S9, is said to adapt the most popular feature of Apple’s iPhone X, the ‘Animoji feature’-but in its own, different manner.

The next super-smartphone from Samsung is currently not announced for a release date but many rumors have led to a common conclusion that the phone will definitely come with a 3D Emoji, to mimic facial expressions, and also dual stereo speakers!

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Apart from Samsung, another smartphone maker, Honor, had also previously unveiled a similar 3D emoji feature, last year.

Some earlier rumors also claimed that S9 may also come up with its own ‘enhanced iris scanner’, to compete with iPhone X’s Face ID.

All the speculations aside, it will only be revealed later on, whether the S9 boasts of the said features or not. For now, it’s just waiting time.


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